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About Rollins & Associates

At Rollins & Associates, we believe in educating our clients, keeping them informed and better equipped to make the best decisions.  As a full-service Real Estate Brokerage company, we take great pride in ensuring that our clients have a positive overall experience.

We Believe in Educating, Before Transacting!

Rollins & Associates is comprised of local real estate professionals committed to working with clients seeking to find their dream home, investment property or commercial building. We believe in educating our clients to ensure they are prepared to make a well-informed decision before signing off! It is important to us that you make a sound investment into your future. Let us know what you're looking for. Please also, take advantage of the helpful resources on our website and schedule a viewing for one of your favorite properties.


Tammy walked me through the entire process with ease... I was nervous throughout the process but she held my hand, called, texted, and assured me that WE got this. Tammy is one of the best business owners, that I have met, who put my best interest before hers.

This journey of being a home owner was a scary ordeal but with this team, they made it an experience that was worth it!

—  Charsa

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