I feel very fortunate in getting connected with miss Tammy Moore from Rollins and Associates , I couldn't be more pleased with the quality work she provided , from start to finish she's been responsive, kind and a professional she's done a great job for me in making smarter decisions and gave great suggestions , I feel I have a trustworthy agent !!!! Thanks Tammy

- Denise Blake

Working with Rollins & Associates has been one of the best decisions I've Made. The ream is insightful and they have a superb knowledge of the market they represent. The lead is decisive and her level of honesty is unmatched, most importantly, she gets the job done. It has really been a pleasure working with such an excellent organization.

- Tyrone

Tammy walked me through the entire process with ease... I was nervous throughout the process but she held my hand, called, texted, and assured me that WE got this. Tammy is one of the best business owners, that I have met, who put my best interest before hers.

This journey of being a home owner was a scary ordeal but with this team, they made it an experience that was worth it!

- Charsa