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Kirk has been a real estate professional since January 2015. He diligent about remaining informed of matters affecting real estate in Maryland communities and throughout the nation. He remains informed on current market conditions in order to advise his clients as to fair market price. He continually protects clients against fraud, misrepresentation or other observed unethical practices. He has experience identifying homes with equity and renovation plus profit potential and is an expert in ascertaining material facts concerning properties for which he accepts agency. He can and may at client’s request produce qualified professionals to further investigate latent defects in subject properties. Any service provider offered to clients by Kirk shall be verified as to the status of their license and client shall receive the link to the licensing record information for their own verification.

Kirk has been educated at Greater Baltimore Board of Realtor’s Graduate Realtor Institute on a full spectrum of subject matters, creating an in-depth market knowledge and guidance for his attentiveness in the following real estate considerations;

  • 2018 Legislative and Legal Update

  • MREC Agency-Residential

  • Contract Law & Anti-Trust

  • MD Ethics, Flipping & Predatory Lending,

  • Fair Housing & Cultural Issues


He has also collaborated with clients, owners, contractor and financial institutions in order to manage small and medium construction project to completion. He has a BA in Liberal Arts and minored in communication and has also researched and prepared campaign ads and target marketing graphics for brand marketing. He is an experienced architectural service provider as a Senior Project Manager/Private Contractor with Sulton, Campbell Britt & Associates, P.C., architectural firm from June 2016 to present, where his duties include architectural drafting and design development, project permit acquisition, client representation, contractor negotiations, planning; preliminary scheduling, cost control, and quality control for both residential and commercial renovation projects. He is also a Founder of his own business and self-employed architectural services provider in Maryland and Washington DC currently and for the last 10 years where his duties encompass all the above plus preparing bid proposal and project cost estimation.

Please carefully consider the plethora of skills he could bring to your investing and marketing efforts.

We look forward to representing you in the near future!

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201 Milford Mill Road, Suite 104

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